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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Joe Dumars says HI from helping beat MJ 3 times in a row in the playoffs....

Key word, helping. Dumars had Mahorn, Laimbeer, Salley, and Rodman behind him on a great defensive team. With him the lowest Mike averaged against Detroit in the ECF was about 28 pts at over 50% shooting.

Gary Payton had Shawn Kemp, Ervin "No Magic" Johnson,Sam Perkins, and Frank Brickowski behind him...not exactly a stalwart paint crew beyond Kemp and Perkins. In games 4-6 of the 96' finals, the ones in which Karl finally put GP on Mike after going down 3-0 (probably the worst coaching mistake in his career to wait that long), Payton held MJ to about 24pts on 34% shooting along with 3 assists per a game....which is freaking amazing.

I'm not denigrating Parker, he's a better overall offensive player than Payton ever was and a borderline 1st ballot guy if he pads his career stats some more. Payton was an absolute beast in the mid-late 90's though, and he never had Parker's help. The best player GP played with was Kemp, who was a better version of Amare Stoudemire. Otherwise he layed with a young Rashard Lewis and one season with Ray Allen, not exactly 10 years of playing with Tim Duncan and Manu while having Pop as coach.
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