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Manu will get there too, but he's less of a shoo in, in my opinion, due to his much shorter time frame of elite play, NBA or international.
Manu gets in on his international resume alone without even considering anything NBA wise. Manu really hasn't done much as far as individual accolades in the NBA so much of his NBA career wouldn't even count towards it.

first off...Manu wasnt better than Parker in 07...i can argue that Manu has never been better than Parker...any year...stat wise and impact wise...Manu comes through in the playoffs yes but we can count on Parker alllll year. Second Parker didnt get benched for Hill...he was coming off of an fail to mention that nugget of info.
I agree with most of that but during the 2005 playoffs you've got to give it to Manu. Without him stepping up his game we probably don't win it. Oh and that's after Pop played experiment with him and kept going from starter to bench player throughout the playoffs. Thank goodness he went along with that and didn't let it affect his confidence that year. Now Tony has always been the more talented players than Manu(as far as natural talent a lot more players are probably more talented than Manu too). This was always designed to become more of Tony's team and working on developing him as a leader. We just got really lucky Manu got to be as good as he was.

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