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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Well one thing about his game that never really took off was his lack of passing ability. He might not make the team because of that issue.
I think I've seen that problem demonstrated by a few players, I call it 'Allen Iverson-itis' (the tendency of one man controlling the ball until the last 5 seconds of so of the 24 second clock). The Spurs could cure him of it real fast -- don't give him the ball. But in all seriousness, Maggette, in his day, was a real dangerous guy to have on your team, could shoot and go to the hoop and was able to draw the shooting fouls too. Didn't Pop camp out on Maggette's doorstep when he became a free agent and then Corey decided to go elsewhere for the big money?

If I had my druthers and had to choose between the collection of players recently mentioned going to camp for the Spurs (Young, Bibby, Maggette), I'd have to go with Young since he is younger and can play a hardnosed defense. Maggette has been injury prone the latter part of his career and hasn't played that much or effectively. Bibby, I don't know, he's seen his day and I think he's just trying to hang on and doesn't want to quit.
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