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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Tony Parker lead us to a championship in the '07 finals. He lead the team. Fisher has never lead his team.

Tony Parker is the best player on our team right now. He almost lead us to a championship last season. Fisher has never done that.

And by the way, as the best player on the team, Gary Payton has never been as close to a championship at TP was last season.
First, Parker won the Finals MVP in 07, but Timmy and Manu were better players that year and the team was much more theirs than Parker's. Exhibit A being Parker's benching for George Hill a couple of seasons ago IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! Would Pop have ever benched Timmy at 27 yrs old? Hell, the man stuck with Manu this finals and he still benched Parker most of that playoffs.

Many, many people have argued that the 96' finals would've at least gone to seven if GP had guarded Jordan before game 4. His greatest asset was his defense and he wasn't able to use it until it was too late.
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