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Personally, I think Sam Young could work out well for the Spurs. Since he has mainly been known for his defensive abilities, it is probably assumed that when heís used, heíll probably spell Leonard with spot duty. During his stint in the NBA he hasnít shown too much on the offensive side but with the Spurs and how they spread the floor, if Young has any kind of outside shot, he could also provide some key offense when needed. Remember, when Bowen came to the Spurs, he was mainly known for his lockdown defense and worked to improve his perimeter shooting Ė maybe Young can do the same. Thereís a lot of maybeís with this guy and Iím sure Coach Jim Boylen has filled RC and Pop in on what Youngís capable of doing. And filling the 15th spot on the roster, he can only go up on the Spurs scale or hit the highway. Like Leonard, I hope Young raises some eyebrows and finds a home in SA.
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