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IMHO, the hall of fame is all about winning.

It starts with championships
Then leading your team to wins
Then you get into statistics.

The reason is that being a winner is a difficult trait to measure. Tony Parker is a Winner. He has done it at all levels. Gary Payton, as great as his statistics are, failed to win. He didn't get the job done. Some have argued "I bet Tony wouldn't have done it without Tim." Well, you can only speculate. With Gary Payton there is no speculation. He didn't win.

Gary Payton's overall winning percentage pales in comparison to Parkers.

I actually love Gary Payton. I think he deserves to be in the HOF.

I might have overstated how much better TP is than Payton because I am a homer,

But TP has already had a better career than Payton and TP has many years to go. TP deserves to be in the HOF more than Gary Payton.
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