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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
How many rings does Payton have?

Where was Gary Payton in Game 5 of the 1994 NBA playoffs? Remember when when Robert Pack of the Denver nuggets scored 23 points leading the 8th seed Nuggets over the 1st seed Supersonic? That was Payton's man scoring all those points.

Playing Jordan "better than any player of the era" doesn't mean crap when you still lose.

Payton never took his team to the championship. Tony Parker has done that.

Payton couldn't get the job done where Parker has both internationally and in the NBA.

Tony Parker is way past Gary Payton, and Parker has many years left.

Hey dude...I love TP but he can't stand up to the Glove aka Gary Payton now. Not yet anyways...its close...their career numbers are pretty close but in 90's Payton was the MAN. Defensively this man was one of a kind...I got to give him the edge right now.

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