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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I will leave all of that stuff to the odds makers. The Lakers were probably high on their list last year too. Barring injuries, my gut tells me that no team will run away with the East next year. It also tells me that if I am a West team, I wouldn't want to face Golden State in the playoffs.
I hear ya on Golden State. Mark Jackson has a nice crew forming with the defensive addition of Iguodala which will free up Thompson for scoring. Add to that two healthy bigs in Lee and Bogurt and to spell them, the addition of two bigs in ONeal and Speights, the Warriors look to be a running and gunning team. Add a little defense to that and you got a lot of potential. Advancing in the playoffs as they did last year only gives them encouragement for this year. I wouldn’t want to play them on a good day, playoffs or not.

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