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ESPN ranks Spurs second-best franchise in sports

Just a few months after finishing runner-up to Miami in the Finals, the Spurs are second again.

This time it’s among the 122 professional sports franchises in North America, as rated by ESPN the Magazine in its annual assessment. It’s an unofficial competition the Spurs have long dominated, earning “Franchise of the Decade” honors last year after becoming the only team to finish in the top 10, including twice in first, in each of its first 10 years.

This year, the rankings are:

1. Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
2. San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
3. Indiana Pacers (NBA)
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
5. Green Bay Packers (NFL)
6. Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)
7. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
8. Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
9. Ottawa Senators (NHL)
10. Baltimore Ravens (NFL)

We’ll have to wait until the issue hits the stands on Friday for the details, particularly how the Grizzlies took first. But previous rankings were based on eight factors: the ratio of victories per revenue; fan relations; ownership; affordability; players; coaching; championship success.

The Spurs, with four titles since 1999, and virtually unmatched consistency, obviously rank high in all those categories. While their tickets to rank among the most expensive in the NBA, they at least offer a premium product that, with at least 50 victories in each of the past 14 seasons, wins year in and year out.

Link to article: Spurs Nation ESPN ranks Spurs second-best franchise in sports
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