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Spurs 12/1 to win 2014 NBA title

Training camp is still weeks away, but you can already place an early wager on the 2014 championship.

The Spurs, despite having come within a whisper of last yearís title, start the year at 12/1 at Bovada, tied with Indiana and the re-made Los Angeles Clippers.

Miami, the team San Antonio came within seconds of knocking off in the Finals, is the overwhelming favorite to earn their third straight title at 19/10. Thatís what having LeBron James will do for you. Or maybe the linemakers are just that impressed with the Greg Oden pickup.

Coming in behind the Heat are Oklahoma City (6/1), the Brooklyn Celtics, er, Nets (10/1), Chicago (10/1) and Houston (10/1).

Have no fear, Spurs fans. The same site listed the Spurs at 18/1 at the start of last season, and we all know how that went.

Link to article: Spurs Nation Ľ Spurs 12/1 to win 2014 NBA title
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