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The 1 Under-the-Radar Move That Will Benefit Every NBA Team

San Antonio Spurs: Finding Ginobili-Lite

The San Antonio Spurs know exactly how to use Marco Belinelli.

He's essentially a poor man's Manu Ginobili—a shooting guard who is an inventive shooter and can create for himself. Where Belinelli falls short is his efficiency and his passing.

Ginobili gets himself easier looks and makes more of the tough ones, and he has always had a flair for finding teammates in unexpected ways.

No one is asking Belinelli to be Ginobili; after all, Ginobili is still in San Antonio, but Gary Neal isn't. The newest Spur will be asked to provide scoring off the bench, and he's versatile enough that Gregg Popovich will find exciting ways to use him in the second unit.

alh1020: You will find the other NBA team moves that should benefit them at the link below.

Link to article: The 1 Under-the-Radar Move That Will Benefit Every NBA Team | Bleacher Report
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