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Originally Posted by clovisnmspurfan View Post
I can see Texas from my front porch, does that count?
Ah, Clovis, the only place on Earth that I know of where you can fart and get away with it. A place when the wind blows, parts of Texas and Oklahoma blow by……..and if you’re lucky, you can stick your hand out and catch a woman --- and if you don’t like her, you can just let her go. And a place where it was against city ordnance to drink a beer in public, ie., softball/baseball games, outdoor BBQs, not even while sitting on your own front porch. There were only two places in town, at the time, that had a liquor/beer license – a cowboy bar called the Copper Penny and a local Pizza Hut. However, it was a good place to bring up a family. Kinda miss it.

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