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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
"Former Pacer Sam Young is in San Antonio meeting with the Spurs today, his agent tells me. Several other clubs have expressed interest."

Anytime I see that I immediately think, bet he's throwing the Spurs name out there to see if anyone else bites. Seems to me, we very rarely ever, hear ahead of time about anyone who ends up signing with the Spurs.
Most definitely. Once the Spurs are in the mix, it usually signals the player ends up somewhere else. However, as mentioned by MrJonesIII, the Spurs may have some "chips" on this one, not to mention he seems like a Pop type worker. This is one position in the Spurs roster where hard work might earn a player some playing time which might also be attractive. Also in my reading today, I noticed that Kevin Durant canvassed hard to get Belinelli to come to the Thunder, making personal calls to him, yet he chose the Spurs. With 2 available roster spots, the Pelicans may be courting Sam Young also. Then there is always the Lakers. Yes Sam Young is not tall but when height is needed backing up Kawhi, Diaw can be used.

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