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Iíd take him as a backup SF but only on the following conditions: 1) minimum salary; 2) is not drug tested randomly but every week; 3) heís had too many drug violations to get a free ride or be able to sit up front with the grown-ups, so if he does sign with the Spurs, he has to show improvement on a regular basis; if he tests positive just once or doesnít show initiative on the court, drop him like a hot rock. The guy has talent but just seems to me, the times I have seen him play with Miami and Phoenix, he sometimes stands around and watches the game and doesnít get involved or his mental focus is not in the game. Now, after having said all this and rereading my text, pass on him. We don't have time or money to waste on spending a lot of time with him because his baggage is just too heavy. He's an adult and has made some pretty stupid choices and has been paid some big bucks for his game. Sorry, tell him San Antonio is closed.
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