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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
So are you suggesting that we should get Fab Melo rather than a back-up SF because some of our PF's or SG's can be backup SF's?

No. I'm simply suggesting what the Spurs might do if they stand pat and don't acquire another SF.

OK then,

When does Fab Melo get on the court? Who's minutes does he take?

OK what? I never replied until just now

He doesn't come to the team or take anyone's minutes. Read my first post in this thread. He doesn't fit with this team.

At least if we signed a SF, that player would have some chance of getting on the court.

Yes. There just might not be a suitable one left and the Spurs may improvise.

Sorry. I thought you were continuing the argument that we should sign Fab Melo.

Ultimately I agree that we should just leave the spot open. You never know who is going to get injured.
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