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Originally Posted by spurs_believer View Post
I'm VERY surprised that you mistyped Bonner with Rasho.
:applause:applause:applause Or maybe we saw the Will of 2006....

But seriously how many starting 5's of all time from other teams would beat the Spurs? Lakers, Celts maybe 76ers.... not players that joined at the end of their career but of players that starred for a team.

Final Four tournament including:
C - Kareem, Shaq... take your pick both have their strengths
PF - Worthy or the leftovers from above
SF - Elgin Baylor
SG - Kobe, West (small but could put it up)
PG - Magic, West

C - Bill Russell
PF - Kevin McHale
SF - Larry Bird
SG - Paul Pierce
PG - Bob Cousy

The 76's have an interesting team of:
C - Wilt (there more than Lakers so why I left Lakers as Kareem and Shaq)
PF - Moses Malone, Dolph Schayes
SF - Barkley
SG - Dr J
PG - Iverson, Cheeks depending if you want scoring or not

I think we beat 76ers to advance to the final 2 but then those are both tough outs whoever comes through the other side.

Any all time teams I have omitted? Can we beat a stacked Celts or Lakers?
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