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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
In the traditional sense yes. But I see Diaw in there at times against beefy matchups. I also read an article that suggests that with Belinelli, the Spurs may use Belinelli and Manu distributing and on the floor at the same time with Patty Mills at the SG.

So are you suggesting that we should get Fab Melo rather than a back-up SF because some of our PF's or SG's can be backup SF's?

OK then,

When does Fab Melo get on the court? Who's minutes does he take?

At least if we signed a SF, that player would have some chance of getting on the court.

No matter how you slice it, we have 3 centers, 3 power forwards, and 1 Small Forward. We don't need a 4th Center/Power forward unless he is good enough to replace the minutes one of our current guys would take. I don't see Fab Melo getting minutes over last two guys on our depth chart (Pendergraph and Baynes).
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