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Originally Posted by xcell31 View Post
I've done this before, but basically study what a player has done the last few years (factoring in playing time, age, experience, and playoffs, among the complete NBA package of stats), and I compare them to a figure from league's past... Predicting what they could be a lot like this upcoming season. Sometimes just predicting numbers can be boring and don't jump off the page immediately. This way, we are predicting not with a number, but a name... One that may jog your memory if you've watched years of basketball.

I'll go into more explanation and finish all the players as time progresses. For now, I'm going to show my basic findings for the six marquee players on the Spurs...

Tim Duncan = '85 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lakers)
Tony Parker = '85 Gus Williams (Bullets)
Manu Ginobili = '93 Danny Ainge (Suns)
Kawhi Leonard = '10 Thaddeus Young (76ers)
Danny Green = '88 Craig Hodges (Bucks/Suns)
Tiago Splitter = '95 Chris Gatling (Warriors)

I thought it was interesting that coach Pop was a pretty important part of Chris Gatling's development in Golden State... Looks like Pop wanted to keep Gatling part 2 at all costs.
This thing you're doing is a really good idea. You should contact ESPN and suggest for them to incorporate it to their stat data base.
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