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Originally Posted by polk View Post
Why are you expecting this? What suggests this will be the case?

I have no douobt that he will be DETERMINED, RELOADED, REJUVENATED and all of that - in late October and November!!!

Unfortunately come mid season he will probably REGRESS, be REINJURED, and perhaps REGRET not RETIRING!!

You are correct on first few months. I have no doubt Manu will be rested and as always he will come ready and excited in the first few month of the season.

This year however, we shall see different new Spurs team with few new wonderful additions (Belinelli, and Pendergraph, and two more) who will help change the dynamics of the Spurs.

What people are failing to remember here is that our Front Office had thought about bringing Manu back and had decided this is a very important piece Spurs TEAM need. Manu is one of the Big Three who were part of multiple Championships that Took place within our Spurs Tim Duncan and David Robinson Era. And Manu will continue to tie together all the team as a huge Veteran that adds Great Experience despite his few set backs in the last PO when he was put in the back up PG position.

People need to forget that last PO and open new season's book and get over that horrifying Finals loss.

You keep judging and thinking that Manu will regress and get worse... Based on his past correct? But his next year will not be like his past years in any shape or form. Manu had been picked up again from the Spurs and will hopefully retire as a Spurs. This is a big thing IMO. Manu will not go out like that. He will make a Big Splash Exit. Bank on that. Manu also took the summer to relax and rest too. That just tells me he is getting ready to strike one last two great strikes period.

Manu might be slower, however that should not stop him from pulling some new tricks here and there and making up for his slowness with some savvy Veteran experience and defensive things.

Manu is not that limited, that is why he will bring it somehow to make up for something he might missed most of the time. I am positive about that.
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