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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Dejuan was always an enigma. You could put him out there for five minutes, and at the end of that five minutes, he would either have dominated and stuffed the stat sheet or just about lost the game for you with nothing to show for it.

Yes...but what if he HAD come in and grabbed that rebound? We will never know, because he never got the chance to show us one way, or the other.

He never was much of a defensive rebounder.

I always thought he was an aggressive rebounder on both sides of the court. He did have 8 RB's in the Finals, in only 18 mins of play.

And his offensive rebounding has steadily declined over his career.

I'll give you that one.

I just don't see how a guy who can't shoot, can't get in good defensive position, and would be the third shortest guy on the court should be playing center in the finals.

He really wasn't a bad shooter. He shot 46% in the finals from the field. His FT shooting was horrendous at 33%.

If you want to play, show me consistent production. You can't afford to play a guy in high stakes series like that who can't be counted on to at least play average.

We will never know if would have produced, or not. To not get a chance to, in those last few minutes of game six, makes me wonder, "What if?". Who knows, we could have had another banner to hang from the rafters. It's all moot, now.

Lastly, I think he WILL have big games against us. I just hope the rest of their team doesn't get fired up by his energy.


"Manu is wacko. He has no fear." - Gregg Popovich
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