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Originally Posted by clovisnmspurfan View Post
So driving a car with no tail lights is having fun? I read another report that states after being released he went straight to a hospital and had a test administered which read under the legal amount to be considered DUI.
Perhaps we need to wait till we get both sides of the story? Then form an opinion.
It's an old trick to delay the breath and or blood test as much as possible. It could have been hours until he got tested. The body is breaking down the alcohol. If he didn't want to consent or give the breath test with the cop why agree to it later on? The results will be different of course. Now in some cases depending on how much he's actually worse for the person to hold off.(example a binge drinker because it's still rising versus going down) I know if a cop wants you to fail the FST..........he can make it too hard for Bud to pass. Refusing the breath better be perfect because there is video and audio showing other wise. Being exposed to previous military police squadron work..........I have to side with them not Bud. If someone has nothing to hide.........take the breath test. Refusing it is a huge red flag and they will make you pay for not taking it. Just some friendly advice from Uncle WILL lol.

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