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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
I can see Manu taking care and getting his confidence and Groove back after this loss in that Finals. ADD to that Manu's contract was up and that was a huge pressure!!!!!! I see the real Manu back next year with Vengeance!

Normally Manu gets upset so much with loses that he beats himself and will not feel better until he returns and gets even.

Manu was born as a fighter and he will keep fighting back! Could never ever think Manu would give up! EVER!

Deep down.
When Manu gets DETERMINED. He gets RELOADED RE-Focused and gets his way to win!

I am excited and expecting a new Manu that can shake the world next year. In a totally new role and new way of Manu! The Manuvation will be back! I will not give up on Manu. I am very happy we brought Manu back!!!!

Because he is Manu and he can do it!
Why are you expecting this? What suggests this will be the case?

I have no douobt that he will be DETERMINED, RELOADED, REJUVENATED and all of that - in late October and November!!!

Unfortunately come mid season he will probably REGRESS, be REINJURED, and perhaps REGRET not RETIRING!!

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