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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post

Only if he follows the Roger Clements - Barry Bonds - Lance Armstrong - Alex Rodriquez training regimen of injections of HGH and Testosterone suppliments :shocked
No sir..Manu will never do such dishonored behaviour as those athletes mentioned above. Rather Manu will come fresh with avenge on his mind after such loss in the Finals.

The biggest missing things in Manu's game last PO was:
1. Ability to Focus on the game. It was a mental stress for him and we are all used to Manu doing things naturally without thinking....So I expect Manu to come fresh mentally and Focused.

2. Manu will not be a back up PG and Pop had been forced to play the Veteran back Up available Guard in PO and that KILLED us!!! Hence POP and his coaching staff need to come with much better rotation plan. Especially now that TP had put more miles on his body with the French NT....

That is why Manu will be played sporadically and will stay healthy esp in few minutes he can play and bring all the intensity to Spurs game. Bank on that.
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