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Originally Posted by Dulce View Post
....I think Mombear is still upset about the finals.
I'd say me and a bunch of other Spurs fans are right along with Mom but we can't dwell on what might have been. Sh*t happens and it happened to the Spurs last season. Time to pick up our jocks and move on. We lost a few faces along the way (Blair, Neal, McGrady and Coachs Bud and Brown) but we have added a few new ones to the flock (Coach Boylen, Belinelli and Pendergraph). We need to wipe off the dust from the wide screen TV, wash a few Spurs t-shirts or buy some new ones and get prepared for the upcoming season. I took the first step and went down to the AT&T Center last Thursday (Spurs & AT&T Showcase) and bought some partial plan seats for my wife and I and took a tour of the center, which I hadn't done before. I'll say one thing, I really thought the Spurs locker room would be a whole lot larger than it is -- kind of cramped. All in all, I hope the Spurs have a restful and injury free summer and come to camp ready to take on the new season. Go Spurs!!
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