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Originally Posted by tenthousandaces View Post
That may be the case, but you are *wrong about Blair's +/- ratings.

In fact, Blair consistently had decent to solid +/- scores.

Look at the game logs.
First off, when a team leads the league (or is in the top 3) in margin of victory, EVERY player on that team has a high +/-. DeJuan Blair's +/- has been consistently the worst +/- on the team, only marginally above Richard Jefferson. Not only did I look at the box scores and compare his relative to the team every night, but I watched every game. I watched as he missed rotation after rotation.

The Spurs defense started getting better when Blair was finally replaced in the starting lineup by Tiago. Once Tiago got into the lineup, the Spurs started climbing from average to near the top of the league in FG% allowed.

That was not a coincidence.

If he was a "decent" player in the NBA, he would have earned more than a 1 year deal for the league minimum.
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