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Spurs financial health

HERE is the Bleacher Report Article.

Evaluating the Financial Health of Every NBA Team After the Offseason
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San Antonio Spurs
Hi-res-7456410_crop_650 Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Money Committed: $24,977,500

Contracts Expiring: Boris Diaw (unrestricted), Matt Bonner (unrestricted), Nando De Colo (restricted), Patty Mills (unrestricted), Aron Baynes (restricted)

Player Options: Tim Duncan ($10,000,000)

Team Options: Kawhi Leonard ($2,894,059), Cory Joseph ($2,023,261)

Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Tony Parker ($12,500,000)

Potential Maximum Committed: $52,394,820

The 2014 offseason will be all about Tim Duncan.

There are two options for the Big Fundamental, and neither involves picking up his player option. He's either going to retire and free up all $10 million for the San Antonio Spurs or opt out of his contract and take a massive pay cut in order to let the franchise bring in even more talent.

Let's say that he cuts his salary in half and signs a one-year deal for $5 million, just for the sake of the argument.

Kawhi Leonard, Cory Joseph and Tony Parker will all be coming back as well. Parker's contract may as well be guaranteed.

If all that happens, the Spurs will have only $47,394,820 on the books, more than enough to sign another eight-figure-per-year player. You know, because this organization totally needs to add more talent in order to stay competitive.

Does anyone know how R.C. Buford does it?
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