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And here's the story by Ken Rodriguez mentioned above which appears on the Spurs website:

Sweet Package of Energy and IQ

Jeff Pendergraph didn’t score a lot of points for Indiana last season. He didn’t get a ton of minutes. He never started a game.

But all the players looked up to him, and the coaches considered him an assistant on the floor. Say hello to an intriguing 6-foot-9 addition in Silver and Black. Leadership and energy are two reasons the Spurs like Pendergraph. Basketball IQ is another.

In Indiana, Pendergraph was a one-man pep rally, the Pacer most likely to combust before tip-off, the player with enough energy to light up Bankers Life Fieldhouse by himself.

In the vast catalogue of pre-game NBA rituals, Tim Duncan cradling a ball to his chin is perhaps the most understated, LeBron James tossing chalk in the air the most theatrical. The wildest routine might belong to Pendergraph. He unleashes a series of shimmies and shakes, jumps and bumps -- all improvisational -- that defy description. “I don’t know what to call it,” he says. “It’s just crazy.”

Do not misunderstand. Pendergraph does not hop, twist and gyrate to draw fan attention to himself. He cuts loose to energize teammates. As Indiana’s Orlando Johnson explained to USA Today, “It ties in everything we go through and what coach preaches. Pendy just loses it. It’s not scripted. … It’s all from the heart.”

More story at the link below.

Link to the whole story: Sweet Package of Energy and IQ | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS
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