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What to Expect from Jeff Pendergraph

We have a reasonable idea of what Belinelli can bring to the Spurs because we have seen him play. However who is this Jeff Pendergraph that the Spurs bothered to sign after having played almost 0 minutes in his short NBA career?

Because he has so few NBA minutes, I thought it reasonable to study what the scouts thought about him going into the draft. How did a guy that was the 31st pick in the second round and has not hardly played any minutes in the NBA capture the attention of the Spurs besides the fact that the new Spurs assistant coach recommends him?

In all most all aspects of the fundamentals of the game that you can think of and in quickness, athleticism, intelligence both on and off the court and in his character and attitude he gets very high marks. His weak points, at least at draft time, included the following:

1). Does not have an arsenal of low post moves and is very predictable and easy to defend there both by guards and bigs that are taller.

2). Although quick down the court and without the ball, he does not have the lateral quickness to defend the perimeter.

3). Although extremely efficient at scoring, he mostly defers to his team mates and considers himself a 4th or 5th option.

4). Does not create his own shot. He will shoot if open though.

5). Needs work in ball handling skills and moving with the ball.

6). A quick leaper which gets him offensive rebounds but not much of a vertical lift which translates into very few blocks. He does have a good wingspan.

There is no telling what he has worked on since then but this is where he was at coming out of ASU. He did not get to the foul line very often which may say something about his aggressiveness but did shoot 79% when he was there.

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