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Spurs Fans Season Ticket Showcase 22Aug at AT&T Center

Hey folks, here’s something I wasn’t aware of or may have forgotten about until I was browsing thru the Spurs website --- the Spurs are hosting a Season Ticket Showcase on the August 22nd at the AT&T Center to get a first look at the 2013-14 Spurs Partial Plans in person and select from the best available seats for the upcoming season! Some of the lower level season tickets start at just $59 per game. If you plan to attend, go to the website link below and make a reservation for the Aug 22nd visit. They say if you can’t wait, call 210-444-5050 to lock in your seats now.

For those of you who reside out of area and plan to visit or stay in San Antonio for any length of time during the basketball season, you may want to call now to see if they have any special deals going on that might benefit you for that period of your visit. The tickets may be a lot cheaper now while they have this showcase going on – never can tell. I hope you get a good deal.

Here’s the link to the Spurs Season Ticket Showcase advertisement on the Spurs website: Season Ticket Showcase | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS
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