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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
Marc Stein: Word in coaching circles is some Brett Brown associates urging him not to take Philly job in part because Year 1 is guaranteed 60+ losses. To pass on Philly, Brett Brown must be sure he can get another head coach gig. Of course, hot as Pop disciples are these days, he likely can. But let's see. Let's see if Sixers put enough on table to get Brett Brown to leave Spurs. Michael Curry for a year remains Philly fallback. Twitter @ESPNSteinLine
Don't think there's a coach in the world who doesn't believe they can make a difference and can do better than the pessimists think they can.

The only thing that could stop him from taking this job would be if they try to do it on the cheap and sign him for less than market value.
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