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Matt Barnes defends Shabazz Muhammed -- huh?

Timberwolves rookie Shabazz Muhammad was sent home early from the NBAís Rookie Transition Program for a blatant violation of the eventís rules.

The infraction itself wasnít at all that serious; Muhammad apparently had a female guest in his room hours after being informed that it wasnít allowed.

But rules are rules, and as a rookie entering the league, now would be the time to start following procedure as opposed to simply doing whatever you want and then dealing with the consequences later, however severe or embarrassing they may ultimately be.

Matt Barnes, a 10-year NBA veteran and fellow alumnus of UCLA, took to Twitter to defend Muhammad, even though the rookieís actions were clearly indefensible.

I think @phenom15balla gettn kicked out of #NBARTP is BS. Heís a grown A$$ man, if he wants to hv a woman n his rm thatís his business(cont)

Then the media gets ahold of the story & blows it outa proportion, like they always do. Now his gotta bad wrap b4 heís ever played a(cont)

Game.. Starting behind the 8 ball already! I guess Iím tryn to say there are bigger issues to deal with, then whether or not a grown(cont)

Man has a woman In his room.. @phenom15balla keep ur head up boy & keep working hard, this will blow over

Everyone is very aware that this isnít a Michael Beasley scenario where drugs were involved at the same event back in 2008, but it does speak to a playerís level of commitment that in his first opportunity to prove himself at his new job, he doesnít take the rules very seriously.

Barnes, while always coming across as thoughtful and intelligent off the court, has had similar problems following rules while playing the game itself. Heís constantly crossing the line physically, and despite having his best season as a pro last year, still managed to get himself suspended for some nonsense involving Greg Stiemsma in late January. He was also arrested last summer, and reportedly threatened the officer as he was being taken into custody.

Again, this isnít about the offense ó having a female guest in your room is hardly anything to get upset about. But violating clearly stated rules just isnít a good look for a rookie, and given Barnesí history of ignoring even the most basic of rules, it isnít a surprise that heís the one speaking so loudly in Muhammadís defense.

Matt Barnes says Shabazz Muhammad getting sent home from NBA’s Rookie Transition Program is ‘BS’ | ProBasketballTalk
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