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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
In hindsight, I guess Pop saw the need for a multi-dimensional 2 guard and power forward that could be utilized in a 7 game series and turned it over to RC to spin his magic. No telling what their plans are for Thompson. The word from the scouts seems to have been that he doesn't have the lateral quickness to defend the perimeter as a small forward. We will just have to wait and see if the Spurs see a possibility in correcting that. Otherwise, I think he goes to Europe or gets dropped entirely.
I think the issue was that he played PF in college so they worry about whether he can stay with the wing players but he is going to be going up against 2nd or 3rd string wingers for when kawhi and then whoever they decide to play as his direct backup (one article said most likely manu or danny would slide over to cover for him) and then he would come in should two guys be in foul trouble or be injured. Plus he seems like he could bring some solid offense. If he has the post moves that we would expect a power forward to have it would be nice to see him use them somewhat like kawhi has down in the post.
I'm just going off what I have read and the little bit I saw of him in the summer league game.
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