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"Thatís especially the case with their 2013-14 schedule, the first three quarters of which stands as a monument to irregularity:

* 16 of the first 27 on the road
* 13 of the next 16 at home
* 12 of the next 14 on the road, including the nine-game rodeo trip
* 8 of the next 10 at home"

To add to this scheduling 'irregularity' there are 7 games scheduled from 1Nov to 11Nov and 6 of those games are involved in a back-to-back. I quickly reviewed the schedule and found we have 18 total back-to-back games as follows: Nov-5, Dec-4, Jan-3, Feb-2, Mar-2, Apr-2. And the end of schedule has the Spurs playing quite a few one game home, one game away, one game home, one game away, etc. All in all, some weird scheduling -- IMHO.
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