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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
At this point I'm not sure that I want him.

Who am I kidding. I want him, but I'm tired of waiting on him.

And bottom line, I'm okay if we don't get him just so long as the heat don't get him.

He's not likely to stay healthy, but if he's healthy in the finals imagine Parker having to drive past lebron to get to the lane only to be met by oden and bosh. Not pretty.
Sorry buddy, but he's going to the Heat. Come outside the Spurs box and choose the team you'd want to go to right this minutes? The Heat are more popular,2 times champs, Miami beaches, the best player and according to the league, the best shot to win it again. I'd love to have him and wish him away from the Heat, but not happening. Imagine if the Spurs had won the title.... They'd be the spot. He's got those horse blinders on.
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