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Al Harrington waived

It has been expected for a while ó the Magic had been looking to see if they could trade Al Harrington before they just cut him loose, but there wasnít much of a market.

So, Orlando waived him Friday, something that Harrington addressed on Instagram.

Itís OfficialÖ Orlando has waived me! I just want thanks all the Orlando Fans that embraced me in my short stay there. It was my pleasure playing in front of you guys. Also wanna thank Coaching staff and medical department for helping me get back on court to do what I love the most. And thatís to Hoop with the Best! Now that Iím almost 110% back healthy Iím so excited for my immediate future. Let the phone start ringing. Iím ready!!!!! ✌

He will clear waivers because Harrington was owed $14.7 million for two seasons and nobody is going to pick that tab up. Only about $7.4 million of that was guaranteed, so most likely the buyout was for that amount. Even so, that means heíll be willing to play for the minimum for a contending team.

The question those teams are asking is if he is healthy ó he had a knee surgery that led to a staph infection last season which kept him out of all but 10 games. Is he back to his old self at age 33? Since then he says he has dropped 27 pounds. Remember two seasons ago in Denver Harrington averaged 14.2 points a game, was dangerous from three and had a PER of 15.3, right at the league average. A lot of teams could use that.

Link: Magic waive Al Harrington. Now who will pick him up? | ProBasketballTalk
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