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I have to agree with you, Griz. Personally, I don’t know if I would want the job but I guess if you’re Brett Brown, you have to start somewhere. But a professional organization that has been without a head coach to assist or call the shots through the draft, the start of free agency and through the summer leagues would give one pause to wonder the kind of leadership this team has for owners. But it will present a formidable challenge for any rookie head coach.

If Brown does go, that would open another vacancy on Pop’s staff which will have seen both his #1 and #2 assistants hit the road. Rather than allow a rookie assistant to come on board, I would think Pop would look for a person who has some seasoning and stripes for league tenure, guys like George Karl, Avery Johnson or Lionel Hollins readily come to mind. They could walk in and not have to carry the heavy load of calling the shots themselves but still stay active in the game. Just a thought.
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