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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Lets get this $hit over with. Damn you Oden for holding us up. I am praying the FO is working behind the scenes with Mo Williams or a backup sf
Hell yeah.... I'm already sick of Oden! For a guy who hasn't played in 4 years and had the second half of the season, playoffs and damn near all free agency...should know exactly where the hell he wants to go. It boils down to 2 things, money or chance to win a ring. You want to party and be in the spotlight.. Go to Miami,you want to learn from the greatest pf ever,have your minutes managed perfectly and stay out of the spotlight... Spurs. Or you go play in the sand box with the rest of the young guys...New Orleans. Lebron might not even be there after this year,San Antonio has the longevity and history of winning,and will continue...with of without him. And the Pelicans, hell... They can't keep a team name and aren't going to be relevant in the West for a long time. So like my man spurduncan21 said, "Hurry the hell up!"
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