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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
To all who want're hoping and praying for a miracle and remember IF is the biggest two letter word in the English language.

And as for him having been the number 1 pick so what?
So was Joe Smith in 95
Nervis Pervis Ellison in 89
Kwame Brown in 2001
Michael Olowokandi, 1998
All of whom were pretty much flops and while he was only the number 2 pick, let us never forget the illustrious Sam Bowie selected ahead of Michael Jordan

Where they're picked means nothing anymore..he's still been a dud and not worth the money spent. And even though I'm a big believer in modern medicine, I still say, too much damage has been done to his body.
Point taken. The main reason those guys flopped was because their game sucked not because they were injured. Greg Oden is a flop right now because of injury not because he sucks hard. Joe Smith had 3 very productive years to start his career and than he fell off big time. Look at the numbers. But there were better players taken after him. Never Nervous sucked but who drafted behind him? Danny Ferry! Kandi Man had upside but wasn't worthy for that pick. Lots of others were more worthy and everyone knew that except the Cippers. Kwame? Same thing but Gasol and Parker were the best picks in that draft and that draft was much weaker versus 98'. The Bowie was damaged goods and he admitted later to hiding his injuries and defects prior to being drafted. Portland mainly drafted him out of need because they already had Clyde Drexler. Which is not the right draft method. You draft the best player and use free agency and trade to fill your needs. On the damage part.....yes Oden has issues there. The thing is like you said modern medicine and my point is every single person recovers differently. The D League player will always be there for the taking but seems like the Spurs get them and.......... really they don't develop. You see them fail with other teams as well or they just play summer league every single year on NBTV. Not a way to build a championship team. Risks need to be taken. This is a very low risk with Oden. So is a D League signing but what will be the likely reward? That has already been proven in SA.

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