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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Yeah, I'd much rather have a guy whose entire career consists mostly of being unable to play and who (if past history is a good indicator of the future) will spend the majority of the season sitting in a doctor's office or the hospital than a guy who can actually play and who might get better and be able to contribute.
That's fine and it's your opinion but Greg Oden was the #1 overall pick for a reason and has had huge games in the NBA before he broke down. Again low risk high reward. Where is the big upside on a D Leaguer? I'd much rather have Greg Oden versus Larry Owens or Desmon Farmer? Who are those guys? D Leaguers signed by the Spurs. Who did what? Nothing with them and nothing with other teams! Greg Oden injured yes but at least he has some skins on the wall and is only 25. Oden>D League player
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