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Before, I was rooting to get this guy here, but the more I read and think about this guy, Iím afraid the Spurs would take on a lot of baggage if Oden did decide to come here. We donít need another Ďprojectí like we had with Mahinmi. Oden hasnít played any team competition since 2009 and as an article recently stated, he has yet to participate in a 5-on-5 situation. Any impact he will have on a game would be late in the season until he gets his Ďgame legsí back, if he does. The company line that his agents are preaching is for the selected team to bring him along slowly and not overplay him. Who knows how many minutes he would play, even if he does get his legs. And to take on an 82 game schedule? I think he and his agents need to find a patsy who will sign him and take care of his hospital bills. If he does make a miraculous recovery and play, good for him, but at this point, after long consideration, Iím jumping off the Oden bandwagon and I think the Spurs FO should wave bye to this guy in their rearview mirror and get on with any other business they might have put on the back burner.
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