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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Exactly. Some people don't watch players they presume that such. Ariza is a guy who plays good with great players and his potential was very close to its highest in LA. He seemed to feed of Kobe like Pippen feed off Jordan. Ariza has that kind of game, just not quite in Pippens' level. But with our cast, he'd be a real nice defensive book end with Leonard.

Well, I almost lost my marbles when I saw you compare him to Pippen, but you backed off at the end lol. Although I do see how you could make that argument, I like Ariza, but I don't think he is a necessity. In my opinion, we needed another player who could create his own shot, Marco gives us that to a certain extent, and hopefully Kawhi develops a little more.

At the end of the day, I don't see the spurs adding any new player during the offseason thats going to make much of a difference now. The Belinelli signing was their big splurge. Maybe they make a move closer to the trade deadline if there is an injury, but I don't buy the rumors about Oden, Mo or Ariza.
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