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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Looks like Gary signed with Milwaukee for basically the same deal that we gave to Belinelli. Makes you wonder what the negotiations were early on about any extension and if we would have kept Gary if you'd been willing to sign a deal at that price early on.
I'm not so sure. I think back to the Golden State series and the guard tandems that gave the Spurs fits. DeColo was too raw, Ginobili was too slow, Neal was too one dimensional and Danny Green did not have an inside offensive game. The Spurs may have targeted Belinelli with the intentions of keeping Manu, giving DeColo another year to see if he could develop and see if Green could develop some inside moves in the off season. I think Belinelli is insurance in case the above is a problem in the coming season. Neal was the odd man out.
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