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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
Whether or not Oden wants to come to the Spurs won't matter. They aren't going to take a flyer on his health. Their analysis at the pre draft combine before he even got drafted was they wouldn't touch him. It's not just his knees. It's a bad wrist, chronic back, and hip issues too. Give Oden credit for turning pro when he did. He was a walking time bomb with regards to his health. Another year and he would have plummeted down the board. I admire that he wants to compete, unlike a Bynum, but you won't see him in a Spurs uniform.

I agree with you about his desire, but how do you know that they won't touch him due to the pre draft combine? I never heard or read anything of the sort.
Also if that is the case then why are the Spurs represented now. It was reported that he was here in San Antonio twice talkng to the FO.
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