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I am actually starting to get worried about who will indeed back up TP9!!!!

Not feeling 100% confident in any of the current mentioned players Joseph, Nando, or Mills. All of those are not truly qualified enough to back up TP in my opinion.

Honestly I still can't believe how HUGE this item was on the Spurs FO agenda this off season after TP got that Hammy injury in the Finals that caused us to eventually lose that series.

There must be a way to figure out something or do a sign and trade for someone on the Spurs roster that could give us a back up PG.

Let's all hope a Vet will fall in our Spurs FO lap to play that role sometime before the trade deadline.

Unfortunately it is what it is now. We might play that back up PG by committee!!! Or ride that HORSE TP all the way to the end! :shocked
Go Spurs Go!
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