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No shortage of interested teams inquiring about DeJuan Blair

DeJuan Blair: There’s no shortage of interested teams inquiring about DeJuan Blair. In fact, most of the league has called about Blair in some capacity. The issue for Blair is how can he get a multi-year deal or a deal that preserves his Bird Rights via sign-and-trade with the San Antonio Spurs.

Blair’s time in San Antonio was far from ideal for a free agent since he played sparingly in the postseason and didn’t have a huge role in the last two years. This makes landing a significant free agent deal tough, especially for a guy with no anterior cruciate ligaments in his knees.

Teams are more than willing to do one-year, low-dollar deals for Blair, mainly because when he did play in San Antonio, he played extremely well. The issue is how to get him a multi-year deal or how to preserve his Bird Rights.

The Spurs are not closed to a sign-and-trade with Blair, but like all things with San Antonio the deal has to favor them and that’s tough to construct.

Free agency comes in tiers and with most of the upper-tier guys off the board, Blair’s window for a deal is open and there are no shortage of scenarios, especially for a guy that could be playing for less than $2 million next season.

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