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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
That's a good point but sometimes these workouts are recorded to send to teams for viewing. Also there times that even teams will draft a player that they never even personally worked out. So the Spurs being absent doesn't mean much really. They like to fly under the radar and they have met up with him already. Which wasn't even reported until after it happened.
Very good point about flying under radar. Spurs are interested and have made it know for months. I like to believe that and think most of us here feel the same way. Oden would be great here in a no pressure situation. Out FO more than likely laid out a plan and expectations as far as contract and PT to Oden and he is just doing his due diligence. Also needing to be noted, is that the spurs can feel confident enough to want to sign him without seeing a training session so I think our teams absence is not a big deal at all
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