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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
You were right and I missed that quote from that poster but I missed all of his..............

15 posts of his 4 year span on here to be exact. And most of those low post peeps know very little about NBA basketball it seems but this guy had it right though except for not being able to win a title with Bonner. I never believed that theory and I hate Bonner. As far as regular posters on here.........I don't recall another person saying anything close to that. As hard as I am on Bonner, In my mind and others that he is best for the Spurs when he sits and doesn't play at all on the big stage. When he had bad playoff games people blamed the Big 3 for it. In this playoffs the Big 3 were mostly on point and not terrible by anyone's view. So why did he average just seven minutes a game in the playoffs? So except for the Laker series(they were so beat up) he hardly did squat and or didn't play. People blame matchups when that happens most of the time. I'm sorry but why all the excuses for this guy? The Big 3. Matchups. It's BS. Yeah Danny Green was M.I.A the last two games and I think even you pointed it out. I'm sorry but without Green the Spurs don't win 3 games in the Finals without him. So I'm wrong and thanks for pointing that out but Bonner will never contribute a ring to any NBA team if he plays a rotation role. Again that's like all the people saying Tracy McGrady will never be an NBA champion. He was seconds away from it technically but really it would not have held much weight if they had won it with him. Juwan Howard back to back NBA champion. True. Either by not playing or being in a suit for the Heat the last two years. That's a fact! In the basketball world in general Juwan Howard and his "Fab 5" are considered losers for not winning multiple NCAA titles and by not being a main cog to a single NBA title. My point is that Bonner being on the roster means nothing even if the Spurs would have won. So I was wrong when I said nobody said that but I feel on the overall subject of Bonner....I was right. And many people agree with me on it. Cheers to you!

I agree with most of what you just said. My initial reply on this thread was that its ridiculous to say that just having Bonner on the roster disqualifies us from winning a championship, when we were so close this year. I'm not even that big of a supporter of Bonner, he plays a role and that role usually finds him in games during the regular season. And if he can spell Tim Duncan for a few games during the year, we get the Timmy that we saw in Games 6 & 7 of the NBA Finals.
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