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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
If we do go with a S&T with either Neal and/or Blair, hopefully we include multiple players from the Spurs roster, because if we go with a one-on-one trade, the incoming player will take the last roster spot. We have 14 signed now and if we trade multiple players with either or both Neal/Blair, it would create more spots in the event we try for either Oden or Mo Williams to boot. Strangely, I don't feel right about gutting a team that was seconds from the championship but maybe new blood with give us an even better team, in more ways than one.

Team Roster (as of 23 July 2013)

I understand your reasoning. I don't think it is gutting the team. Blair did not play much at all for us in the playoffs so he won't be missed. Neal played well in regards to shooting the rock, but we got Bellinelli so he wont be missed. Considering that both will be departed, it would be best if we can get something for them. Either way it looks the FO is making roster space available. I think Mo Williams is a much needed piece for our bench and would rather sign him than a SF because I not all confident in CJ or De Colo at this point. Oden would be insurance, but could conceivably play huge dividents as the season progresses

Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
I think it just puts him the same boat as any other unrestricted free agent.

If I'm reading things right:
If the Spurs could find a team with cap space, they could still sign/trade for nothing but a cap exception. It appears that WAS isn't that team, so they'd have to take someone back.
As much as I would have liked Ariza, he is not desperately needed. It would be great though to eliminate two or more roster spaces trading Neal, Blair to make room for further improvements (Mo Williams, Ariza, Oden and of course our rook D Thomas)
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