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Originally Posted by HeloteSpurs View Post
I don't know if any free agent would object to coming here. If the Charlotte Bobcats could land Al Jefferson, why couldn't the Spurs? OJ Mayo willingly went to Milwaukee. Those are 2 legit players and you're telling me San Antonio is less appealing than Charlotte or Milwaukee? No way!

The reason we don't get any free agents is because the Spurs NEVER have any interest in signing anyone, they always want to keep the same team. I would have rather gave Al Jefferson the exact contract he received from Charlotte, rather than sign Splitter and Pendegraph. And I'm sure he would have rather chosen SA.

The Spurs need to do something in the trade market because what we have now will not win a 5th ring.

I concede my original grade of a C+ to a D+ now that I have rethought it.
If we get Oden and perform a sign and trade with Wash like has been rumored (I can see Neal and Blair for Ariza) then we would be at about a B in my opinion. If that were to happen we will be MUCH better. Actually just getting Oden makes us much better but having an experienced swingman SF is the best we can hope for. If not, I think D Thomas is more than suitable shooting the ball but will need to work big time on the defensive end of the floor
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