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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
i love speculation as much as the next guy, but to think that the Spurs would get rid of Diaw and or Bonner because they sign Oden (which I still predict ain't gonna happen) makes no sense at all.

At best he could give what maybe 5 minutes a night for the first 20 games until his reconstructed knees break again? Diaw can give 20-25 minutes, Regular season Bonner can give 20 minutes, no way the FO brings him in to play any kind of even remotely significant minute role.

The backup PG for the Spurs next season will be Cory Joseph, followed by Patty.

I do think Nando is destined for somewhere else, he just hasn't been able to improve his game enough, he struggled in the summer league against scrubs.

Diaw isn't going anywhere. He has way too much versatility that fits and enhances the Spurs system to a T and that's hard to find. I don't think that Oden comes to the Spurs either. I can see the Spurs unloading guards but I doubt that they would get much in return for them other than draft picks or cash. A serviceable player for the rotation seems highly unlikely.

It seems likely to me that the Spurs trim the roster to 14 and take a wait and see approach to see how their opponents are stacking up and how their rotations are working with 2 new faces during the regular season up until the trade deadline.
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